My Little Black Dress

1. Skater Dress with Crochet Insert $39.99 2. Dress in Ponti with Lace $34.99 3. Dress with Lace Neck and Skater Skirt $29.99 4. Dress with Lace Sweet Heart $24.99 You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on that one dress to look and feel amazing. One thing I have learnt is that you can find a perfectly gorgeous dress for under $50...that's right for under 50 bucks! This isn't a sale either, there are plenty of great clothing stores with cheap dresses that make you feel and look … [Read more...]

Night out with the Girls

1. Small Stud Earrings from Collete $4.95 2. River Island Misxed Panel Mesh Dress ASOS $55.11 3. Warehouse Soft Metal Bar Clutch Bag ASOS $41.46 4. Highland Beige Pump Betts $99.99 5. Pearl Spike Stone Bracelet ASOS $19.13 … [Read more...]

Sunday Lunch at the Beach

1. Colour Stone Chain Bracelet $23.92   2. Maxi Dress with Tribal Neck Trim $44.99   3. Rio Tie Front Bustier (Top) $99.95 (Bottom) $59.95   4. Takkenn Wedge $39.95 Need a new outfit for this weekend? The weather constantly changing it’s no wonder us Aussie’s still love it when the sun comes out on the weekend. It’s the perfect time for a bit of Sunday Sesh with friends. When choosing an outfit for your weekend get together always keep it simple, easy as that! Start with a casual but … [Read more...]

Sukin’s Facial Moisturiser

Choosing the perfect moisturiser is never easy; with so many brands and so many types the choice is endless. I have gone through what seems like a never ending amount of beauty products, just trying to find the right one. The hardest part when you find one that is fairly decent and just stick with what you got because you have to admit it’s still alright. You don't want to spend any more money and you just stick it out with that one product because let's face it; it's probably as good as it’s … [Read more...]

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

1. Simba Blazer $49.95   2. Jasmine Curve Embrace Jeans $89.99   3. Dalan Knee High Boot $89.95   4. Bobby Barrel Bag $39.95   5. Stella Rose Gold Watch $199   6. Large Chain Print Scarf $14.99 With the mornings gradually becoming colder, its safe to say winter is almost upon us. There's nothing better than dressing in those winter layers of jeans, scarf's and boots. With just a few months to go, now is the perfect time to update your winter wardrobe. Its never the easiest thing to choose a … [Read more...]

Designer shoes for less?

Can women really ever have enough shoes? The realistic answer may be yes but what women doesn't dream of that endless walk in wardrobe full of Louboutins and Jimmy Choos. I'm more than happy to admit that I'm a shoeaholic having that supply of shoes always growing and always in need of another pair. Although for most of us the idea of spending thousands of dollars on designer shoes is far from realistic at all, but these days many companies are creating so called 'knock offs' from the major … [Read more...]

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