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I’m no more than your average girl, a 23 year old female who for the past few years had no idea where my life would take me. I finished high school and went on to study a degree in architecture that at the time felt was for me and would lead me into the career we all aspire to have. However after a few years of studying it fell through. The whole time I thought this is it, this is who I want to be, but at the same times always doubted myself.

Many people go into university with a clear certainty that its what they were born to do, but for many of us (people like me) it was never that easy. I was also told in the past by those close to me that “One day you will know if what you are doing is for you.” I always felt that was a myth because I struggled to not only choose what degree to study after high school but if it would be the right choice.

It actually took me a while to really see what it was I should be doing and would love. Throughout some of my years studying architecture, I began imagining the idea of writing. It honestly just something I started to think about but was something I never really started because of constant assignments or work. I previously had always loved writing and felt I had somewhat of a talent for it.

For the whole time during my study, I was so caught up with the idea that I’m in this degree and my idea’s of a being a writer was just a distant dream. Than just last year (half way through my degree) I just was so unhappy and overwhelmed that I decided to defer and just take some time off. I decided to have a break and figure things out on whether to continue my degree or change courses entirely.

Having a break feels amazing and in the meantime have just been working at a retail department store. I have gained so much experience within the fashion industry, more than ever though I decided to begin a blog for the ‘dream’ that filled my head for most of the past year. I always thought it wouldn’t be possible and was something that can’t happen, but now I have a chance an opportunity to try something different. So here I am writing my first blog for She Says. Maybe someday my dream of having a professional blog or working for a company as a writer and even use my retail experience with my background designer experience to have a job that I would love!

Any questians just email me at

Until than hope you enjoy reading my posts!



(Editor & designer of She Says)



  1. Don’t give up on chasing your dream!
    xx Sybil

  2. Thank you for following my blog, Sylwia!
    I’m glad that you found your dream 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I thank you for visiting and following my blog. Here is some encouragement from a wise woman: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
    ― Eleanor Roosevelt

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