Jessica Gomes on the Catwalk

David Jones Spring Summer Fashion Launch. (Jets Swimwear). Retrieved from

Just recently David Jones had its Spring Summer Fashion Launch, which was centred around the theme ‘poolside’. It was also the first major fashion show for the new Jessica Gomes who recently replaced Miranda Kerr as the face of David Jones. Now the show was amazing if you haven’t seen it and you love fashion, I’d highly recommend you check it out (David Jones Spring Summer Highlights). It was full of colours and vibrant more than ever before and I really enjoyed seeing all the new designs for this upcoming season and once again the bar has been raised for the fashion world.

One thing that was unexpected was coming across an article in the news headlines today, “Jibes about Jessica Gomes’s weight are ‘tragic’. It was about some negative remarks made by some people in the audience and it’s really sad to still see how much some people’s attitudes towards body image are still so negative. I understand that society will always give negative criticism and it always has and most probably always will but it’s honestly not making it easier for the younger generations.

Getty Images. (2013, July 31). David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Parade. Marie Claire. Retrieved from

The fact is that Gomes looked amazing, just like a goddess out of a fairytale and she is the very definition of a healthy model. But of course there are still some who will always criticize something and always have something to say, but you would think that in this day and age people would finally accept gorgeous healthy women strutting down the cat walk. It’s these kinds of comments that are than heard by other women who think about the idea that if someone like Gomes is criticized (who’s a model) than how could they be beautiful at all.

Many have of course have accepted, with the demand for healthy models on the rise and many companies hiring curvier models. Gomes was pure perfection and she should be proud of herself and I am really excited to see what she brings as the new face of David Jones. The launch may have had a small negative comment but many people have praised it for using healthy and slim models which is encouraging to see. To all women out there you should know that you are perfect and beautiful in your own way, once you see that you can achieve anything.



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