Winter Fashion Guild

2222222222222222221. Arla Double Breasted Trench $129.99    2. Glitter Highbrow Cat Eye Sunglasses $13.37    3. Tina Baroque Printed Tank $39.99    4. Santana Ankle Boots $169.95    5. Noir Curve Embrace Super Skinny Jeans $69.99    6. Link and Tube Necklace $69.95

With winter well and truly here, many of us are in need of some extra wardrobe pieces. It’s hard not to over spend especially with the option of not only in store shopping but online as well. To help you stay focused and resists the temptation to over spend, try following some simple steps to make your winter shopping a bit easier.

First and foremost asses what you do have because the bottom line is you probably have more than enough clothes already. You may just need to purchase some ‘staple’ pieces such as a coat or scarf to refresh your wardrobe. The Arla Double Brested Trench Coat from Forever New is a great example of a good buy. I would generally recommend buying a black coat since it goes with everything, but this white and black combination is a bit different but gorgeous at the same time and will go with majority of outfits.

Next always try and have a great pair of jeans that you can use as much as possible. Jeanswest have this cute black pattern style called the Noir Curve Embrace Super Skinny Jeans. Even if you have a few good jeans already, a design like this will expand your wardrobe versatility. You will always have a pair of black or blue jeans, but why not go for some floral or pattern jeans that will create a fun and classy look. Another tip is to have a singlet or top that can be worn both in summer and winter. It can be plain and simple but I would recommend going for a stylish pattern or print. The Tina Baroque Printed Tank from Forever New is a great example. This printed top will give your outfit that extra bit of something whether it’s with jeans or a skirt.

Now another must for winter is the boots! Long boots are always great choice but recently ankle boots have become really popular. The Santana Ankle Boot from Tony Bianco is one of my favourites, with its simple style and sassy heel it’s the perfect edition to anyone’s winter shoe collection! Once you have the clothes sorted don’t forget to accessorize. Add a bold necklace piece such as the Link and Tube Necklace from Witchery to give your outfit some more pizzazz .Also let’s not forget it may be winter and chilly as ever but sunnies are never out of style and a classy pair like the Glitter Highbrow Cat Eye Sunglasses are a stylish way to finish off your outfit.


  1. great looking trench!

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