Sukin’s Facial Moisturiser

111Choosing the perfect moisturiser is never easy; with so many brands and so many types the choice is endless. I have gone through what seems like a never ending amount of beauty products, just trying to find the right one. The hardest part when you find one that is fairly decent and just stick with what you got because you have to admit it’s still alright.

You don’t want to spend any more money and you just stick it out with that one product because let’s face it; it’s probably as good as it’s going to get. That was me always sticking with something that was familiar until I came across a product sample pack from Priceline.

Within my freebie pack I got a product sample from a brand called Sukin, now up to that point I’ve never come across this brand. This product sat on my shelf for a while, I just thought I’d give it a go when my latest facial moisturiser finished. Than a little after there was a story on the news about the top ten budget facial moisturisers and to my surprise one of the top ones was the Sukin product sitting on my shelf. After the story I though that’s it I’ve got to give this product a go!

That night I used it for the very first time before bed and first impressions were looking good. The moisturiser itself was thick but fast absorbing and it smelled oh so natural! Few of the main ingredients combined to make this sensational product include aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba, horsetail and of course the one and only rose hip.

The next morning I noticed a significant difference with my skin. It felt so soft and hydrated and even glowed…yes glowed like that super healthy looking skin does. I was immediately impressed and went over to my nearest Priceline to buy some more sukin products. Now few months on I have been using the Sukin range as part of my daily beauty ritual and have had no problems with my skin, what can I say am a devoted fan! I did a bit of researching on the brand as well and found they are completely 100% Australian made and owned, animal cruelty free and all their products are free of those harsh chemicals and parabens. The only bad thing is that it’s an Australian brand, with it only available in selected countries so you may not get to enjoy it now but hopefully it will soon be available worldwide!

For more about this amazing facial moisturiser visit

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