Winter Wardrobe Essentials

winterwardrobe1. Simba Blazer $49.95   2. Jasmine Curve Embrace Jeans $89.99   3. Dalan Knee High Boot $89.95   4. Bobby Barrel Bag $39.95   5. Stella Rose Gold Watch $199   6. Large Chain Print Scarf $14.99

With the mornings gradually becoming colder, its safe to say winter is almost upon us. There’s nothing better than dressing in those winter layers of jeans, scarf’s and boots. With just a few months to go, now is the perfect time to update your winter wardrobe. Its never the easiest thing to choose a new range of clothing or additions, with such a wide choice it can become a daunting task. Some of my major tips for shopping for winter clothing is to get some ‘staple’ pieces. These staple pieces should be a neutral tone of colour, something that can go with anything. Examples of neutral tones include beiges, browns, maroon, navy or black. Having clothing in these colours will not only make it easy to match but they will become very versatile. You should be able to match staple pieces with your current wardrobe, or at least use them as a guild to buy additional items.

One of the most popular staple pieces for winter is the blazer. The best thing about the blazer is that it is so easy to dress up or down, you can wear it with a dress or with jeans. Wear it with flats, boots or heels the options are endless. When choosing the right colour you can never go wrong with a dark navy or black. Cotton On has a wide range of colours to choose from, I personally love the Simba Blazer in the maroon colour.

Another staple piece for winter would have to be the boot. These days you can have your pick out of knee high to ankle boots. Its always good to have a pair of each but one boot that I really adore is the Dalan Knee High Boot from Novo. The boot is made in a military style and has a great dark brown tone which would make a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe!

Most of us have a few good pairs of jeans but if your looking for another addition, one I would defiantly recommend is the Jasmine Curve Embrace Super Skinny Jean from Jeanswest. It is by far the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned and worth ever cent! Jeans are a must have staple piece, you just can’t go wrong with them casual or dressy! Another staple item I’d suggest is a simple bag, The Bobby Barrel Bag from Cotton On is a great addition to any women’s wardrobe. Its simple, not too big and will fit everything you need without feeling like your carrying a brick around.

Scarf’s are another great staple piece and you honestly can never have too many. I’d suggest going for one with a beige tone as its the easiest to match up with any outfit. Alley Fashion has a great one called the Large Chain Print Scarf, which is available in black or beige. Last but not least its great to still ad some class to the outfit with a gorgeous piece of jewellery  You can match your outfit with a simple bunch of bangles or bracelets but if you wanting something different try a boyfriend style watch. Fossil have a great one call the Stella Rose Gold Watch. What’s great about this style of watch is that it looks amazing even with a casual shirt and jeans to being all dressed up with heels, its just a great accessory to have.

So there you have it some simple examples to get your wardrobe winter ready, the choice is really up to you. Brrrrrr all this winter talk is making me cold…hot chocolate anyone?


  1. A great collection you’ve got there! I love the handbag, watch and scarf. Scarves are a Winter essential for me. It’s so easy to dress up an outfit with one.

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