Designer shoes for less?


Can women really ever have enough shoes? The realistic answer may be yes but what women doesn’t dream of that endless walk in wardrobe full of Louboutins and Jimmy Choos. I’m more than happy to admit that I’m a shoeaholic having that supply of shoes always growing and always in need of another pair.

Although for most of us the idea of spending thousands of dollars on designer shoes is far from realistic at all, but these days many companies are creating so called ‘knock offs’ from the major designer brands. Now I’m not saying that a knock off Louboutin is better than the original (far from it) but why can’t those of us who don’t have thousands to spend on shoes still enjoy the designer look for far less of the price tag.

christian louboutin pigalle spikes

One of the hottest designer shoes this season are Christian Louboutins ‘Pigalle Spikes’. Now you would think its one of a kind design but many lesser brands have already created a similar looking design. One particular brand is Diavolina with its ‘Beamer Black’ shoe that has a striking resemblance, only lacking the red undertone. The major difference for sure is the price with Diavolina’s shoe at only $189.95 compared to the Louboutins whooping $1,195.


Sure the price difference is massive but keep in mind that a Christian Louboutin is a Christian Loubouton…you just can’t compare! But if you loved the design but have no desire to spend that much buying a knock off design is still a good way to go.


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